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I´m really, really sorry for the late reply but after holidays, work has been endless... My flight back to Jakarta was ok and also for my mom and sister, I already gave them your regards and they sent their best wishes to you.

As I mentioned in the feedback form, our trip was truly satisfying. All the landscapes, the beautiful temples, the magnificent palaces made our visit an unforgettable and unique experience... and of course the services provided by Grand Travel Planner completed our nice stay in India and Nepal...

Please find attached some of the photographs taken during the trip... I hope they can be useful for your agency...

Of course i'll recommend you with relatives and friends ... i wish the best for your business...

Thanks again and please, keep in touch ok??

Best regards,


First, I will like to thank you for all your services, and help with our trip to India.
Also thank you for your friendship, both you and your husband show us when me meet. Please stay in touch with us, if there is any in which I can help I will do so, India left a mark on us, we will sure come back one day, and I hope to count with your professional help.

As I can I will send you some pics, just let me know the minimum size that your require.Also send me the telephone of your friend here in Mexico, in order to send the present so they receive it.

Once again THANK YOU for making our trip so easy.

Susana and Arie Shapiro


What I am writing here is all only for You. On Your web side You can placed the fragments of the text or whole text.

Firstly, I would like to thank You one more time for Your perseverance in answering for my never ending questions for few months. Secondly, thank You for Your wonderful organization of the whole trip as well as the everyday checking the state of realization of my personal itinerary. I know this from Pappu- because when there was a phone from You, he had told me that there was a phone from Delhi.
Something about itinerary-everything-OK.

Guides- custodies
Generaly, they are afraid of You.
When we arrived to the hotel at 15.10 and they told us that the lunch was finished at 15.00, and when I told them that Pappu will make a phone to You and will send You this information, then in 15 minutes time we got our lunch served in our room. Another time, when were changing our hotel room and it was going little sluggish, the guide said that if there will be any other problems he will make up everything and he asked me not to call to Delhi, to You. The nicest guides were in Delhi, Agra, Amristar, but the others, I can not complain about them. Only the guide from Udaipur- he deserve for more attention-becouse he told Pappu to show us, another day, on the road to Pushkar 3 temples: Akklingi, Nagda and Nathwada. One was closed (Nagda), another one (Ekklingi) was to be open in 3 hours time, so we drove to the third one (Nathwada). Out there Pappu was doubled and tripled , because for all the time somebody was taking out a hand for payment. Over there he paid for milk, for whole the time he was giving some donations.

In the information about hotels there should be always an information if there is a mini-bar in a room. I am not fastidious and a can drink warm whisky with warm cola. Still, for sure there would be better to have a cool in nini-bar drinks. In general, in most of the hotels were there was not mini-bar, there was also no socket in bathrooms. It is important, because it makes my shaving easier or it allows me to charge my cameras.

Hotel Ram Pratap Palace in Udaipur - the greatest view and the space after leaving the room.
Hotel Ishan Villa in Amristar is in the middle of rebuilding, at the outskirts, the road to it is in building, but atmosphere created by a marriage that leads this little hotel is excellent, family and recompensed all of the above mentioned little inconveniences. It is all overe there very clean and the service is very nice. When I wanted to go by taxi to the city and have assured coming back to the hotel , they organized everything for me. Bottled water and Coca-Cola (cooled) You can buy in a bar almost in the same price which is in a shop, in the city. Out there they serve the best in the whole India black tea. This tea is strong, fragrant and really tasty

Local whisky is wonderful, and I know it thanks to Pappu when I wanted to buy Smirnoff vodka which was 4 times expensive. I drink more than little on my vacation- to avoid-off course amoeba. Also thanks to Pappu I have known that the 0,7 litter bottle cooled beer in restaurant costs 160 rupies and this is the same which a bottle of 0,7 litter local whisky in a shop. So, I spare a little money – or maybe more than little.

Best regards,


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